Players 18 and under will be able to play our August and September events only in 2021.

 Summer Volleyball Juniors Tournaments

DATES: Juniors can register for all scheduled events with the exception of Players Ball. Given that demand has been low in the past, we do not plan to run separate juniors divisions. Junior players should register in the Mid Division and then email me if interested in a separate juniors division. If we get 5 teams interested, a separate juniors pool will run. 

WHERE: Collins Park, Village of Scotia (See our schedule page for the specific field)

All players AND a parent/legal guardian must complete and sign a release of liability agreement.  Information pertraining to the waiver will be provided upon registration.  


To pre-register for the event, visit the Schedule Page and use the event sign up link. Walk-ons will not be allowed.



What does the entry fee pay for? Players are guaranteed between 6 - 8 games. Prizes are awarded to top finishers. 

How will doubles help my indoor game? In 2's competition, you are always performing some skill during a play, whether it be passing, setting, hitting, or defense. Doubles provides many more repetitions. The game helps players with physical conditioning and helps to make a more well rounded player.

What levels are there and which should I play? 

JuniorsTeams composed of junior players (ages 12-17). Play in this division would be developmental based. It is recommended that players be able to serve the ball over the net in order to play. Juniors divisions will only be offered if there are more than 4 teams interested. 

AA/Open (Adult Play) – Features experienced outdoor players that serve well (strong jump serves), mix of aggressive swings and well placed shots when attacking, good serve receive/ball control, female players that can block areas of the court.

A (Adult Play) – Skilled players that excel in several, but not all areas of the game. Level features seasoned players that serve and pass well, good attacking skills and general placement of the ball. Rallies tend to last longest in this division as the defense matches the offense.   

Upper (Adult Play) – Is comprised of players in the top level as well as strong A players. Competition is the goal.

Mid (Adult Play) – Comprised of A and BB players with fun and good volleyball as the goal. 

What is the schedule like? All tournaments are 1 day events. After checkin, there is a general meeting to go over park information and playing rules. Play begins promptly after the meeting with round robin pool play. A specific amount of teams will qualify for playoffs based on round robin pool play. It depends on the level you’re signed up to play, but general pool play lasts 4-5 hours with playoffs to follow. 

Is the size of the court different? Doubles format is played on a smaller court than your typical 6-on-6 indoor high school or club court. The court is 1 meter shorter in all directions. The reach of 2 players is much smaller than the reach of 6, so it’s a great adjustment that promotes longer rallies and more touches on the ball!

How many men or women have to be on a team? It’s doubles silly! Only two players per team allowed. No substituting.

What does reverse coed mean? Male and female pair up and play together on a women’s height net (7’4”). Men must take off behind the ten-foot line when attacking the ball. Only women can block.  

Will my team have work assignments? Yes, each need will have a work assignment. Involves keeping score and enforcement of any major rules for other junior matches (no whistles or watches required).

What are the rules? Current USA Volleyball Beach DCR rule set with modifications will be used. General guidelines and any modifications will be explained at the general meeting the morning of the tournament. Current playing rules can be found on this page

What are the prizes? Prizes will be awarded to top finishers. Typical prizes are volleyballs, hats, bags, clothing (i.e. - shirts, hats) etc.

How do I get there? Where do I park? See the directions tab on the website

What should I bring? An outdoor volleyball, sun block, a chair, sneakers, snacks and water.

What happens in the event of bad weather? Weather related announcements will be made on our Facebook Page. No weather decisions will be posted prior to 7:30 a.m. 

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS? Email Jen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.