Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take Venmo, PayPal, Google Pay, etc.?

We do know that the ability to pay online is important to our players and get this question a lot. Until now, the answer has historically been "no" as OCD Volleyball is non-profit corporation. This excludes us from using some of the above services. PayPal is great option, but has fees that we prefer not to add to our operating expenses. Additionally, while Venmo or Zelle may work for you on a personal basis, due to the quantity of payments we would receive for league and tournaments, we would surpass weekly/monthly receiving limits. Due to COVID-19, we have had no choice but to explore online payment options. So that said, here's our plan for 2021:

  • League: We will be using PayPal exclusively for league In order to play in events, captains will pay via PayPal using their PayPal accounts for league. In the interest of all, please pay using a connected bank account or pay the fees it costs to use your credit card instead of passing those on to us.  OCD Volleyball will not accept payments where you attempt to pass on your credit card fees to us. In order for OCD Volleyball to absorb these fees, we would need to charge a higher entry fee for all players.
  • Tournaments: For tournaments and Players Ball teams will have the choice of PayPal or Venmo to send their team fee in addition to paying on site with cash. 

Payment details will be provided in the registration confirmation email. 


What level should I play?

AA/Open – Features experienced outdoor players that serve well (strong jump serves), mix of aggressive swings and well placed shots when attacking, good serve receive/ball control, female players that can block areas of the court.

A – Skilled players that excel in several, but not all areas of the game. Level features seasoned players that serve and pass well, good attacking skills and general placement of the ball. Rallies tend to last longest in this division as the defense matches the offense.   

BB– Often features newer players and teams that already have the basic fundamental skills, or experienced veterans looking to continue to play. A strong serve or attacker tends to control play in this division.  

B – Beginning players looking  breaking into the outdoor volleyball scene.

Juniors – Teams composed of players who are under the age of 18 and have not completed their senior year of high school.  

Upper  – Is comprised of players in the top level as well as strong A players. Competition is the goal.

Mid  – Comprised of A and BB players with fun and good volleyball as the goal.


Will I have to move up if I win?

In every division besides AA/Open, If you and the same partner play again during the summer season, you will be asked to play one level up the next tournament that you sign up for together. If you play with a different partner, you may remain in your current level unless that partner has also won that level in the current season. Provided you do not break pool in the new level, you will be allowed to move back down, but will be asked to move back up should you win again in that level.   

What does reverse coed mean?

Men and women playing together on a women’s height net (7’4”). Men must take off behind the ten-foot line when attacking the ball. Only women can block.    


What does my tournament fee pay for?

6-8 games of pool play, park fees, insurance, and prizes for the finalists in each division. 


Are there cash prizes?

Cash prizes are awarded to Open Divisions. Cash prizes will not be given unless there are 4 teams registered in the division. We will guarantee a prizepool of $300 with a 4 team minimum. Prize money will increase with 8 or more teams in a level.

The winning team in any non Open Division with 10 or more teams will receive $100 in addition to the regular 1st place prize.

Prize Structure

 Teams  1st Place  2nd Place  3rd Place 4th Place
4  200 100    
5  200 100    
6  200 100    
7  250 100    
8  275 125    
9  300 150    
10  350 150    
11  370 180    
12  400 200 50 50


What are your prizes?

Prizes vary. In the past, we have given out volleyballs, tee shirts, long sleeve tees, towels, chairs, water bottles, coolers, movie tickets, and free entries. If you have suggestions for prizes, please contact us with your ideas. All first place teams will receive a prize. In all divisions with 4 or more teams, the second place team will also receive a prize. In the event a silver division playoffs is run, only the first place team will be awarded a prize.


What if not enough teams register for a division?

If not enough teams register in your division, you can move to the next level. At the conclusion of pool play, your team and others teams who registered for that division, will have their own playoffs. Prizes will be given to the 1st place team only.

Unfortunately, if only 1 team is signed up a division, there will be no playoff in that division and therefore no prizes. That team will be allowed to compete in the higher level. If there is no higher division to play in, a team will be able to move down only at the tournament director's discretion.


Will you cancel due to rain?

We will play in occasional rain, but do not allow play during thunderstorms. We base our decisions not only on the forecast, but on the current weather radar. All weather decisions will be announced on our Facebook page 90 minutes before the posted tournament start time.



What happens if it rains during the tournament?

If during the course of the day, we have a weather incident, we will delay play and see if the forecast clears. In the case we do have to call the tournament after play has begun, no refund will be given except to a team that did not complete a pool play match. This is due to the fact that we are still responsible for park fees, food, drink and worker costs. In the case where a division has finished all pool play matches or is in the midst of playoffs, we will make every effort to distribute prizes fairly among the remaining teams.