About OCD Volleyball


The Organization

FinalOCDHiRezOutdoor Capital District (OCD) Volleyball is an organization that seeks to encourage participation in volleyball through promotion of summer volleyball tournaments within the Albany, New York area. OCD has been running competitive grass volleyball tournaments and leagues for almost 35 years.


OCD promotes volleyball in the area by keeping a running list of all places in the local area where pickup is being played. See our pick-up page for more information on places to play around the Capital District.If you know other places where pickup is being played and want the information placed on our site, please send us an email.


OCD hosts outdoor tournaments each summer within the Albany, NY area. Our tournaments are held on the weekend with each day featuring a different format. We offer doubles competition for same sex pairings (i.e. a pair of women compete against another pair of women), coed reverse pairings (coed reverse means that women hit at the net, and men hit behind a 10 ft. line placed on the court) and also 4's. Our tournaments feature a range of levels that players can sign up for depending on their skill and the level of competitition they desire. All tournaments consist of pool play with playoffs following. All games will be to 21 or 25 using the rally scoring system. See our registration web page for more information and pricing. Prizes are  awarded to the top two finishers in each level, with the top level receiving cash and the remaining levels receiving prizes.



Those of us here at OCD VOLLEYBALL would like to thank our players for supporting OCD VOLLEYBALL and all the people who have volunteered their time in the past and continue in the future. We would especially like to thank Debbie Singer for her dedication to running the organization in years past and continuing to do so.